We are excited to offer these home baked treats already made and prepared to help you along your journey. We know it's a whole lot easier to grab a pre-made something that you know fits right in to your macros for the day. 


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Oh, hello! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Erica. I am a wife, a mother to 3 busy boys, and I love to cook. 

In January 2018 I entered a weight loss challenge. I didn’t have much to lose, really, but was excited for the challenge. I knew that there was room for improvement in my weight and overall health. After doing my research, I just had to try Keto! Instantly I started feeling better. I no longer feel bloated, my complexion is clear, my energy level is up, I sleep better at night, my joint pain nearly gone, and I dropped a total of 20 lbs- that’s double my goal! I am feeling great and am so happy that I started this journey. 

As I mentioned above, I love to cook. I especially love to bake! Past diets have not only left me feeling deprived of food, but have left me feeling deprived of my favorite hobby too. During this Keto journey, it has been important for me to have diet appropriate treats on hand (this girl needs her sweets!).

My love of food has driven me to create recipes that have satisfied my sweet tooth while keeping me on track with my diet plan. I never expected Keto to become a lifestyle for me. But, with the right support, knowledge, and food, it is exactly where I want to be. I truly hope that our business can make your journey a little brighter too! I am really excited to share our low carb, absolutely delicious goodies with you!

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Oh, hello! My name is Jenni, I am excited to tell you about my Keto journey.

The first time I talked to Erica about Keto I was a week into a weight loss challenge that had weekly weigh ins. I remember telling Erica that I wasn’t really sure about Keto because of all the fat. She just shrugged her shoulders and confidently said “I really think it is a good thing”. A week later I had spent between 1-2 hours each day at the gym. I weighed in at the exact same weight. As hard as I try, I always failed to watch what I was eating. I sure love my sugar, and I always had an excuse of why it was okay to eat it. 

The following week I started eating a high fat, low carb diet not fully ready to commit. I lost 6.5 pounds that first week and I was hooked. The energy I had was off the charts and I immediately felt the difference in my body not feeling bloated. As I educated myself on macros and what my body needed, Keto was definitely the answer. 

I have lost a total of 35 pounds since January 1, 2018. My body fat percentage has gone from 35% to 20% and still dropping. I still have some work to do, and am going to see where Keto can take me long term.

Being a mom with 3 active kids between the ages of 8-12, Keto has fit right into my life. My husband prefers to eat gluten free and my kids are coming around to trying new things. These baked goodies have really helped the transition.