Pecan Bars (5" by 8" Pan)

Pecan Bars (5" by 8" Pan)


All of us have claimed these new bars to be at the top of our favorites list. Pecans in a caramel-like filling on top of a shortbread crust... mmm... topped with fresh whipped cream... pure heaven! We cannot express enough how much we love these! Give them a try, we promise that you will be glad you did!

Each order comes in a 5" by 8" foil pan, ready to cut how you like. 

Ingredients: Pecans, Cream (cream, mono-and diglycerides, carrageenan, disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, polysorbeta 80), Almonds, Butter (cream, salt), Syrup (liquid vegetable fiber, natural flavor, monk fruit extract, artificial color), Sweetener (Natural sweetener erythritol (polyol), tagatose, glycerol, malt extract and steviol glycosides), Salt, Artificial Flavoring, Sweetener (Erythritol, Oligosaccharides, Natural Flavors), Glycerite Drops (de-ionized water, certified organic stevia extract, 11% organic alcohol) Contains: Pecans, Milk, Almonds

Please note: Although not an ingredient in our recipes, we often use a coconut based non-stick spray in our kitchen. This does include coconut oil and lecithin from soybeans.

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